East Kalimantan government determined to overcome the electrical problems that occur in the region. One of them by building a power plant with materials do not drive diesel only, but using the materials of coal and other alternative energy through engineering technology.

As is known, electricity needs for development and people’s daily needs at this time, only rely on supply from State Electricity Company (Perusahaan Listrik Negara PLN). While the very large electrical purposes, but the existing installed capacity is very small. This resulted in frequent power outages in the area of East Kalimantan rotating.

My opinion of electricity from coal in East Kalimantan is a good alternative power, and for exact solutions of the electricity shortages in East Kalimantan. But its use must be balanced, because the coal itself will be exhausted if mined continuously. And by electricity from coal, will cause smoke pollution. Therefore, we must be smart to keep the surrounding environment, so that the air around is not polluted.

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